Grape Diseases

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Auteur(s) auteurs Pierre Galet
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This is a practical book on grape diseases aimed at vine-growers and students who are looking for a summary of each vine disease. It describes the symptoms, diseases cycle, development and predisposing conditions of each disease, and the methods of controlling it. Tables are included at the end of the book to enable diseases to be identified form the various parts of the vine, i. e. leaves, shoots, trunks, inflorescences, grapes and roots .

The 200 colour photographs found separate Jrom the text, and the 80 photographs and figures within the text, willfacilitate diseases identification in the vineyard.

Treatment products are given according to chemical origin but I have also included, in brackets, the names of leading commercial products. My aim is not to advertise any particular product, but to enable readers to find their way around the complicated advertising names that often change each year and are therefore difficult to follow. In fact, some substances have ouly a short life span because resistance to the fungicide develops. This comp licates the use of these products and means that trea tmen ts con tain ing differen t che - mical groups must be alternated and those chemicals that have become completely ineffective no longer used.

I should like to give my sincere thanks to Mr Arnould, Director of "Revue cles Œnologues" and "OENO PLURIMEDIA" for publishing this book in English. I should also like to thank Jaqueline Smith who has taken on the task of translating it.

Montpellier, 18 April 1996
Pierre GALET



Chapter I - Diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses

  • A. Diseases caused by fungi
    • Powdery mildew
    • Downy mildew
    • Black rot
    • Anthracnose
    • Excoriose (Dead arm disease)
    • Brenner
    • Grey rot
    • Other rots
    • Acid rot
    • Alternaria rot
    • White rot
    • Esca
    • Eutypa dieback
    • Root rot
  • B. Diseases caused by bacteria and bacteria-like organisms
    • Bacterial blight
    • Pierce's disease
  • C. Grapevine yellows diseases
    • Flavescence dorée
    • Flavescence dorée leafhopper
    • Grapevine black wood disease
  • D. Diseases caused by viruses
    • Virus diseases

Chapter II - Diseases caused by animals

  • Nematodes
  • Root-Knot nematodes
  • Dagger and needle nematodes
  • Snails
  • Mites
  • Grape erineum mite
  • Grape rust mite
  • Spider mite
  • Bush crickets
  • Thrips
  • Leafhoppers
  • Phylloxera
  • Scale insects
  • Coleoptera beetles
  • Grape moths
  • Pyrale moth
  • Cochylis
  • Eudemis
  • Eulia
  • Noctuids
  • Arctid moth caterpillars
  • Grape sphinx moths
  • Gall midges

Chapter III - Accidents of climate

  • Frost injury
  • Winter frost
  • Excrescence
  • Sunburn
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • Wind

Chapter IV - Physiological diseases

  • Reddening
  • Vine apoplexy
  • Tylosis
  • Grape bunch wilt
  • Coulure
  • Drought
  • Root asphyxia
  • Deficiency and Toxicity
    • Nitrogen deficiency
    • Phosphorous deficiency
    • Potassium deficiency
    • Magnesium deficiency
    • Manganese deficiency
    • Manganese toxicity
    • Zinc deficiency
    • Molybdenum deficiency
    • Boron deficiency
    • Boron toxicity
    • Acid soil toxicity
  • Alkali injury
  • Chlorosis
  • Pollution
    • Air pollution
    • Watter pollution
    • Soil pollution

Disease and parasite identification tables

Systematic classification of vine diseases and parasites


List of figures

List of colour plates

Alphabetical index